Mover whatsapp a sd sin root

Mover whatsapp a sd sin root

How to move facebook and whatsapp to the sd card

Nowadays, social networking apps like WhatsApp can consume a large portion of your device’s data and can also affect its processing. If the app has a lot of saved information such as videos, photos, etc. then you may want to simply move WhatsApp media to an SD card.
Before we talk about how to transfer WhatsApp to an SD card, it is important to take a look at its native features. At the moment, WhatsApp does not have a built-in solution that allows you to make the SD card the default storage or move your data to the attached SD card.
If your device is running out of space, you should consider backing up your WhatsApp data and subsequently deleting your media files from storage. To do this, you can take the help of MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer. With a single click, you will need a comprehensive backup of your WhatsApp data, including chats, attachments, contacts, voice memos and much more. The application will make sure that the data quality remains intact and 100% secure.

Whatsapp to sd android

Having the apps or games stored on the external memory helps the phone to have more space. Thanks to this you can keep installing more and more Apps without deleting absolutely nothing from the mobile.
Here you just need to find the app you need to move, in this example we are using WhatsApp so we look for it at the bottom and select it. Then in the next window choose Quick Edit.
Then click on the Save button and wait for the Save procedure to finish. When finished we select Uninstall the previous App and proceed to install the modified app with its storage on the SD card.

How to transfer applications to the samsung sd card

Some time ago in we showed you how to configure our Whatsapp application to not automatically download files (photos, videos, etc.) that we receive in the application chats. In this way we could save storage space on our devices since Whatsapp by default stores all files received in the media folder located in the internal storage of the Android device and there is no possibility to save them directly to the external SD card.
Well, although Whatsapp does not allow you to perform this operation by default and automatically, in this tutorial we want to show you two ways to solve this problem. One of them will allow you to save all files received in Whatsapp Chats directly to the external SD card, however for this you will need Root on our Android device. The second method does not require Root but requires a manual interaction with the received files.

How to transfer whatsapp to sd card

Undoubtedly one of the limitations that we can find in Android devices is the low storage capacity in the internal memory of the device itself. It is true that most Android smartphones and tablets have the possibility of increasing the storage capacity using an SD or micro SD card. However, in many cases this does not solve the problem since the problem of many users is that the applications are installed by default in the internal storage of the phone.
That is why from Android 6.0 Marshmallow version was introduced the option to set our external SD card as the default storage unit. This means that when you install apps on your Android device, they will automatically be installed on the external SD card instead of the internal storage.
But not only that, since Android 6.0 Marshmallow it is also possible to move any app already installed on the internal storage of your Android to the external micro SD or SD card. However, users who have an Android 5 Lollipop phone or tablet or lower will not be able to set their SD cards as the default storage for installing applications.

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